Mobile lube truck and maintenance vehicles, construction, demolition, mining etc. has become a means of reducing companies’ costs as soon as possible. These support trucks; can serve the largest vehicle fleets. They need for maximum efficiency together with antifreeze, grease, water, fluids, repair, maintenance materials, welding equipments required for a fixed garage can also be included in the system. Mobile Lube truck and maintenance systems has many different features and can be shaped according to the specification of the user Our company designs and manufactures mobile lube truck and maintenance vehicles that can meet all your company’s needs.

Oil System

The oil system is manufactured to meet the lubricating needs of all your machines in the workshop. Storage and transfer of oils of different types with barrel or tank system according to customer preference is provided. It is based on the principle of diversity and solution focus with different efficiency and pressure ratio pumps. Consumption is monitored by digital counter gun, mechanical counter gun and pressurized oil guns. Thanks to the hose reels of 10-15-20 Mt hose length, skill ability is increased in your business.

Grease System

The grease system is manufactured to meet the grease lubrication needs of all your machines in operation. Standard 208 Kg grease pumps or 10-20-30-50 Kg capacity grease pumps according to the customer preference are used. Grease guns and metered grease guns, hose reels with 10-15-20 Mt hose lengths improve your skill at work. For grease systems manufactured in accordance with the toughest field conditions, barrel heaters for cold air are optionally left to the customer’s preference.

Air System

The air system is designed to meet the air needs of the pneumatic equipments in the maintenance vehicle. Air operated oil and grease pumps, pneumatic impact wrenches, air garage jack, filter cleaning, etc. The system has enough compressors with sufficient capacity and pressure ratio to perform all operations. In the maintenance trucks designed according to customer preference, product selection is made up from 50 Lt to 500 Lt capacity to meet the needs.

Water System

The water system is used for general cleaning of work machines, excavation tools and all equipment in your work area. 150-200-250 Bar hot cold washing machines or only cold washing machines are used according to the customer’s request. In order to meet the field needs, a water tank suitable for vehicle capacity is manufactured and assembled. Between the tank and the car washing machine, hydrophore is used to ensure the stability of the machine. With the hose reels of 10-15-20 Mt hose length skill ability is improved by providing convenience to the user.

Power System

The appropriate generator to meet the energy needs of electrical devices is selected and included in the maintenance system. Internal and external lighting system is also available. The generators selected according to the number of equipment and the required power supply ensure the system operates 7/24.

Waste Oil System

It is the system applied to collect waste oil from construction equipment and excavation vehicles during maintenance. The waste oil tank capacity is determined according to the maintenance vehicle status and customer requirements. Waste oil barrel can be use instead of metal tanks or Ibc tanks. It is compulsory to collect waste oils according to legal obligation.

Diesel System

Thanks to the diesel tank placed in the maintenance vehicle, the work machines, excavation vehicles and all equipment that require fuel supply are provided to work uninterruptedly by fueling. Tank capacity is determined according to customer preference and according to in-vehicle placement. Alternative solutions are presented with diesel pumps and meters with different efficiencies determined according to work intensity.

Welding System

Welding machines and equipments in the maintenance vehicle are selected according to customer demands and assembled in accordance with work safety rules. Portable type welding machines, oxygen acetylene welding systems, gas welding machines, etc. products are assembled and used as needed.

Other Equipment

Maintenance trucks assembled according to customer requirements allow different purposes and services. Therefore, ancillary equipments which are suitable for the usage area and which affect the working ability in the positive direction are added to the vehicle in the direction of the incoming requests. (work desk, material cabinet, vise, team car, fire tubes, first aid kit, cranes, electric and pneumatic hand tools, etc.)