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6500 Air Operated Waste Oil Changer 80 Lt

Why 6500 Air Operated Waste Oil Changer ?

The waste oil suction machines are able to collect the dirty oil into the glass chamber with the help of air. The amount of oil used can be monitored from the level indicator. 9 Lt glass section and 80 Lt tank storage capacity available. Oil sealing is ensured by the double sided seal, around the glass section metal bars provide protection against impact. Oil suction can be done without the need of continuous air connection. It has high mobility through to two fixed and two rotating wheels. Five different oil suction probe are supplied with the product. The fill rate can be monitored from the level indicator on the tank, Tank discharge can be done with air, The safety valve on the tank provides protection against extreme air pressures. Appropriate oil temperature is 70 ° – 80 ° C. The vehicle can be lifted on the lift and waste oil can be drained by telescopic funnel. It should not be used in corrosive and flammable liquids.


Using And Maintenance Instruction

Technical Details

    Model 6500    
    Working Type Air    
    Working Temperature 60 – 80 C°    
    Working Pressure 6 – 8 Bar    
    Discharge Pressure 0,5 Bar    
    Capacity 80+9 Lt    
    Hose Length 1,5 Mt    
    Hose Dimension 10×16 Mm    
    Box Dimensions 48x54x123 Cm    
    Weight 32,40 Kg    
    Warranty Period 36 Month    

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