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9800 Electrical AdBlue Transfer Pump

Why 9800 Electrical AdBlue Transfer Pump ?

Due to its AdBlue abrasive nature, certain special materials are required for use and transfer. Our products are specially made for Ad Blue, stainless steel body, electrical JET type pump is used. Suitable for various liquids like ( sea water, drinking water and biodiesel). this pump works as a (total stop). This means that the pump runs when the gun trigger is pressed and the pump stops when the trigger is released. This feature prevents the engine from burning. Easy to mount in different applications.

Technical Details

    Model 9800    
    Output 40 Lt/Min    
    Voltage 230 V    
    Motor 0.4 kW – 0.55 Hp    
    Inlet 3/4″    
    Outlet 3/4″    
    Cable Length 2 Mt    
    Suction Hose 2 Mt    
    Discharge Hose 4 Mt    
    Box Dimensions 42x40x67 Cm    
    Weight 17,30 Kg    
    Warranty Period 24 Month    

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