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G571M1 Hand Grease Pump With Battery

Why G571M1 Hand Grease Pump With Battery ?

The 20V MAX Grease Gun powers through clogged grease fittings with a motor that delivers 10,000 max PSI. This tool is ideal for high-flow applications, with the pump pushing up to 5 oz. per minute. Control grease flow with the variable speed trigger and reach hard to access grease fittings with the 42 in. flexible hose.

Technical Details

      Working TypeBattery    
      Power18 V     
      Battery TypeLi-on     
      Battery Capacity4.0 Ah     
      Outlet Pressure690 Bar     
      Output147 Ml / Min     
      Capacity453 Gr     
      Hose Length107 Cm     
      Weight3.63 Kg     
      Box Dimensions39×23 Cm     
      Warranty Period24 Month     

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