GG2010A Mechanic Grease Pump Foot Lever Type

Why GG2010A Mechanic Grease Pump Foot Lever Type ?

High pressure portable grease pump for quick effortless greasing in everyday lubrication such as greasing of excavators & other earth moving equipment, agricultural equipment, automotive etc. Hands free operation; pump operates using the foot lever, which greatly reduces effort & allows high pressure greasing with highest comfort . Can be operated by hand when under low Machinery. Economical, pump is operated by a single person .

Technical Details

    Model GG2010A    
    Working Type Foot Lever    
    Output 2 Gram / One Movement    
    Capacity 10 Kg    
    Hose Length 2 Mt    
    Hose Type R1 1/4″    
    Box Dimensions 48x34x43 Cm    
    Weight 12 Kg    
    Warranty Period 36 Month    

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