2110 Air Operated Grease Pump 10 Kg

Why 2110 Air Operated Grease Pump ?

The air operated grease pump with a 45:1 pressure ratio has a 10 Kg grease capacity. Ideal for short distance high pressure lubrication. Four wheels make it easy to move, hydraulic hoses are used, Piston diameter is Ø 62 mm. Through follower plate and spring pressing the grease in the reservoir is compressed and the pump feed is more easily in high viscosity greases and cold areas also. Hose and gun can be used more easily through the Z joint at the entrance of the grease gun, minimum working pressure is 6 bar maximum working pressure is 8 bar. It is recommended that you use filtered and lubricated air to optimize the performance and life of air operated grease pump. Functionalized with optional accessories.


Using And Maintenance Instruction

Technical Details

    Model 2110    
    Working Type Air    
    Working Pressure 6 – 8 Bar    
    Pressure Ratio 45:1    
    Output 1400 Gr/Min    
    Capacity 10 Kg    
    Hose Length 2 Mt    
    Hose Dimension R2 1/4″    
    Box Dimensions 31x42x84cm  
    Weight 12,75 Kg    
    Warranty Period 36 Month