4106P Digital Oil Gun

Why 4106P Digital Oil Gun ?

Nozzle with electronic meter. The 4106P can be integrated with nozzle to create a handy, ergonomic instrument for controlling and managing oil delivery. Meter body in aluminium to withstand high pressure. The 4106P is the perfect synthesis for all the needs of trasferring and measuring oils. It is composed by the ergonomic nozzle and the meter.

Technical Details

      Working Pressure70 Bar        
      Inlet1/2″ Bsp        
      Non Drip NozzleBorulu        
      Accuracy+/ %0,5        
      Viscosity2000 Cst        
      Numaretor5 Digit        
      Total Numerator7 Digit        
      Battery1.5 V        
      Weight1.40 Kg        
      Warranty Period24 Month