4190N Air Operated Oil Pump 5:1

Why 4190N Air Operated Oil Pump ?

This oil pump with 5:1 pressure is recommended for transferring low ,medium and high viscous oils to short and medium distance. The piston diameter is Ø75 mm. Minimum working pressure is 6 bar maximum working pressure is 8 bar. To optimize the performance and lifetime of air operated pumps it is recommended to use filtered and lubricated air. It offers you different options in industrial project-based applications.

Technical Details

    Working TypeAir    
    Working Pressure6 – 8 Bar    
    Pressure Ratio5:1    
    Output12 Lt / Min    
    Pipe Length627 Mm    
    Box Dimensions13x14x100 Cm    
    Weight6 Kg    
    Warranty Period36 Month