41966 Drain Container 14,25 Lt

Why 41966 Drain Container ?

The  Drain Container is an excellent choice for recycling used oil in heavy-duty, large-capacity equipment with multiple oil changes. Constructed from high-density polyethylene, this drain container has a closed design that ensures safe and spill-free disposal, eliminating the need for clean-up on top or the side.

The drain container features a large 8″ (200 mm) opening, a catch-all basket to hold small parts and filters, and a screw cap with an exclusive O-ring seal. It has an integrated handle for easy carrying and handling, and it can be stored upright or flat without leakage. The container also comes equipped with wheels for easy mobility without any spills. Recommended for use with used oil and antifreeze, our Drain Container is a reliable and efficient solution for recycling used oil in large equipment.

Technical Details

    Capacity14.25 Litres (15 Quart)      
    Pan Dimensions46x41x13 Cm