4450 Air Operated Oil Pump Barrel Type 18 Lt

Why 4450 Air Operated Oil Pump Barrel Type ?

This oil pump with 5:1 pressure is recommended for transferring low, medium and high viscous oils to short, medium and long distance. The piston diameter is Ø 75 mm. The efficiency of the pumps depends on the specific applications and combinations. Provided air pressure, liquid viscosity and temperature, dimensions of the hose and the connections and the type of gun used. Minimum working pressure is 6 bar maximum working pressure is 8 bar. To optimize the performance and lifetime of air operated pumps it is recommended to use filtered and lubricated air. Functionalized with optional accessories.

Using And Maintenance Instruction

Technical Details

    Working TypeAir    
    Working Pressure6 – 8 Bar    
    Pressure Ratio5:1    
    Output18 Lt/Min    
    Capacity208 Lt Standard Oil Barrel    
    Box Dimensions13x14x118 Cm    
    Weight7,53 Kg    
    Warranty Period36 Month    

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