808220 Electric Vehicle Charging Cable Reel 4+1 Mt

Why 808220 Electric Vehicle Charging Cable Reel?

One step into the future, here and now. Electric cars are a rapidly evolving reality, and a power cord without reel is like a smartphone without a connection!

That’s why Gülersan has designed a convenient automatic reel, ev charging reel, which is the perfect accessory for your wall box.

Thanks to our ev charging reel, the power cable used to charge your vehicle will always be untied to the perfect length, thus preventing the vehicle from standing on the ground, being exposed to dirt and contaminants, and risking rapid deterioration. Perfect for private use, corporate parking lots, hotel garages and any place where it is necessary to have a charging source.

The ev charging reel comes with a 5 m cable with type 2 connectors (on the wall box side) and your choice of type 1 or type 2 connectors on the vehicle side. In addition, thanks to the special Slow Motion safety system that slowly retracts the cable, the Gülersan cable reel for electric cars meets even the most demanding comfort and safety requirements.

Technical Details




230 Volt

Exit Receipt

Type 2

Input Socket

Type 2

Cable Length

4 Mt


3,6 kW / 16 A - 4,6 kW / 20 A


55x33x25 Cm


24 Months