DVS4500 Air Operated Stationary Drum System

Why DVS4500 Air Operated Stationary Drum System ?

There are many versions of the stationary oil drum systems for different purposes. Pumps options with different efficiency and pressure raitos, Hose lengths up to 20 meters, metered oil guns that can be adapted to the systems when requested. These systems provide an excellent solution for businesses when the needs of each operator are taken into account. The oil barrel systems consists of 5 parts, but you can choose your oil pump, oil gun and oil hose reel.


Delivery Content

    Air Operated Oil Pump 4400    
    Digital Oil Gun 4106     
    Oil Hose Reel 4500N.1038     
    Hose 2,5 Mt      
    Drip Tray 7110    
    Warranty Period36 Month    


Recommended Accessories