NOVAX 25 B Electric Oil Pump 40 Lt

Why NOVAX 25 B Electric Oil Pump ?

It is the semi-professional self-priming liquid ring pump, with star geometry impeller, equipped with a double direction of rotation as standard, with a high efficiency motor calculated to operate in continuous service. The particular hydraulic geometry allows the pump to work even in the presence of air bubbles in the suction liquid. It is made using our special NOVAX ™ technology, thanks to which all surfaces are treated specifically for temporary contact with food liquids, ensuring greater chemical and wear resistance.

The liquid ring pump obtains the suction capacity by simply filling the pump body through one of the hose holders. the suction capacity is active on both directions of rotation.

It is possible to use the pump to transfer any type of clean liquid of common use, with a maximum temperature of 95 ° C, which must not be chemically aggressive or abrasive. Some examples: beer must, must in general, water, low viscosity oily solutions. The 25 and 30 versions have enhanced engines and are suitable for the transfer of hot oil.

Normal maintenance requires few and simple interventions, as if it were a normal household appliance. After use, pour clean water to rinse the internal surfaces of the pump. The electric motor requires no maintenance, there are no parts to lubricate. The external parts must be cleaned with a slightly damp sponge, and then dried immediately with a cloth.

Using And Maintenance Instruction

Technical Details

    ModelNOVAX 25 B    
    Voltage230 V    
    Power Engine0.9 Hp    
    Output40 Lt/Dk    
    Inlet – OutletØ25 Mm    
    Maximum Temperature95°    
    Protection ClassIP X4    
    Box Dimensions25x12x19 Cm     
    Weight12 Kg      
    Warranty Period24 Ay