SVS2400 Portable Grease Drum System Without Reel

Why SVS2400 Portable Grease Drum System Without Reel ?

There are many versions of the portable grease drum system for different purposes. Pump options with different efficiency and pressure ratios, Hose lengths up to 20 meters, metered grease guns that can be adapted to the system when requested. These systems provide an excellent solution for businesses when the needs of each operator are taken into account. Drum transport vehicle is manufactured from high quality sheet, painted with electrostatic paint, the ability to move is very high thanks to two fixed two revolving wheels. The grease barrel system consists of 8 parts, but you can choose your grease pump, grease gun and grease hose reel.

Delivery Content

         Air Operated Grease Pump 2400     
        Grease Gun 2305      
        Grease Z Swivel 2405    
        Barrel Lid 2085    
        Follower Plate Weight 2620    
        Follower Plate 2621.185   
        Barrel Trolley 2410    
        Hose 5 Mt     
       Warranty Period36 Month       


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